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A reminder to all
scuba divers to
always dive safely
and to dive with a

Underwater Playground

The lake is spring fed and the average depth is 30 feet. The bottom is mostly silt and rock with various aqua life such as perch, bass, and pike.  We did stock it with trout but we suspect the pike ate them.  Over the years we sank a few wrecks in the lake to make an underwater park for the scuba divers.  Some wrecks include two 40 foot cabin cruisers, two airplanes and two school buses plus a lot more.  There is also a mine shaft under the water but we ask that only the very experienced divers venture in the mine shaft (flashlight is a must).  You can purchase a map with all the compass headings to all the wrecks.  The map is waterproof so you can take it with you underwater.


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